Whole Brain® Thinking

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Better Thinking Creates Better Performance which Creates Better Results for You and Your Customer!

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4 Leadership Tips For Better Communication

Business of Thinking for Sales

Communication Challenges

Have you ever had a conversation with a client or employee about a topic and you felt that you were never communicating? That is very common and the reason is simpler than you might imagine. This situation happens in client relations every day and it may not be that the attorney, manager or sales rep is incompetent or is an ineffective communicator. The real issue is that there may be a brain quadrant conflict or disconnection.

You say “What?” That’s right, a brain quadrant disconnection. Ned Herrmann PhD, pioneer of brain research, was a physicist and a musician – now that’s an odd combination. He was head of leadership development for GE in the 1970s and began to research what science was saying about the brain and the way people think. Using EEG, Ned mapped out the brain into four areas in terms of where information is processed and how people think. His research has been validated by many others using surveys, PET scans, MRI and EEGs. For more information on Ned Herrmann, go to Herrmann Solutions. www.herrmannsolutions.com.

This process of understanding the brain and utilizing it’s 4

quadrant capacity is called Whole Brain® Thinking. I saw the great potential impact of  this process on businesses and became certified in the Whole Brain® Thinking methodology. I utilize the Whole Brain® Thinking methodology with the majority of my clients.

Business Transformation Through Better Thinking

This process has transformed many areas of my clients’ business:

  • transformation of sales conversations with customers shortening sales cycles
  • improved coaching of sales reps
  • improved communication internally and externally with customers
  • shortened meeting times and more effective meetings
  • better decision making processes
  • improved customer service
  • happier and more productive employees for they understand each other
  • improved engagements at trade shows
  • diagnosed the cause of poor team decision making

“We have used him to teach us about Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® and how it applies to our business and personal communications and understanding others.  (Probably the most fascinating thing I have seen lately.)”  David Jernigan Executive Vice President St. Vincent’s Home Health

Diversity of thinking delivers better results. Develop your team to use their brains more effectively.

We all think differently. Understanding how a person prefers to think, make decisions and communicate can be a game changer. Being able to adapt to that preference has shown to improve communication, shorten meetings, improve decisions, shorten sales cycles, and overall deliver better results for your company and your clients. Take a brain survey to see how you prefer to think. See if your team is limited because of group think.


Download the articles on Whole Brain® Thinking and Communication. Call me to discuss receiving a free 1 hour whole brain mini workshop. This is a great way to introduce me to your team.

Ninety-seven percent of Fortune 100 companies use Whole Brain® Thinking to outperform others. Organizations such as IBM, GE and Coca-Cola profile all their managers. Other clients of Herrmann International are: Microsoft, AT&T, Alagasco, Jack Henry & Associates, Johnson & Johnson, Cintas, and Novo Nordisk.