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7 Rules Your Customers Expect You To Follow

In his book, Achieve Sales Excellence, author Howard Stevens set forth “The Seven Rules of the Customer.”  These seven rules emerged from comments recorded in over 80,000 interviews his company conducted as part of a fourteen-year study of 7,500 sales reps from 2,500 companies.   One of the things study participants – all of whom …


Why Conventional Sales Strategies No Longer Work

Many sales reps who have been in the business for a while have been experiencing a steady decline in their performance for the last decade or so.  Unfortunately, most of them cling to the ways of selling they learned two or three decades ago, despite the fact that these techniques are no longer effective.  These …


The 2 forces that drive buying decisions

There are two forces that drive a customer’s buying decision: business reasons and personal motives. A successful sale depends on your ability to accurately identify the reason your customer has for buying and what he’s looking for in a vendor. If you fall short in either area, you are likely to lose the sale. To …


What matters most to a business owner – Revenue, Expenses and Risk

Revenue, Expenses and Risk is What Matters Most If you are a business owner, at the end of the day, you measure your success in 3 ways in terms of affecting profits and business continuity: 1) Did you increase or protect revenue? 2) Did you reduce or control expenses? or 3) Did you reduce or …

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