Motivate, Educate, Engage

 Leadership, Sales and Motivation

Speaking with Passion

I am passionate about speaking on personal leadership, i.e. pursuing a life of excellence, understanding your customer from their perspective and on the science of the brain and how it applies to business.

I am on an inner city school board and love to talk about how we are implementing personal leadership and using the science of the brain (whole brain thinking) to improve education and transform these children’s lives.  Cornerstone Schools of Alabama

Speaking topics:
  • Personal leadership – goal setting and the characteristics of excellence in your business and personal life
  • Business leadership
    • Casting a vision for a better future
    • Engaging your employees
    • How to have an effective meeting and get results
    • The Science of Brain and Whole Brain Thinking
    • Customer Aligned Selling – understanding the mind of the customer and why they buy
      • Trust
      • Business and personal criteria
      • 3 stages of the buying process