The Customer Has Changed, Have You ?

The Customer Has Changed, Have You?

How to sell the the 21st Century Buyer

A Book Based On Customer Aligned Selling™ Curriculum

According to a 2015 survey, 82% of sellers are out of sync with their customers. Twentieth century sales tactics no longer work.

The 21st century buyer is now empowered and engages the seller much later in the buying process. The playing field of sales has forever changed. The Customer demands more. How much value added is the #1 decision criteria.

Today’s buyers have changed in 5 ways:

  1. They are more skeptical – less likely to trust you and thus extra effort is required to build and maintain trust.
  2. They have more information and sophistication and thus are empowered to make decisions without sales reps.
  3. They are not tolerant of traditional sales methods trying to sell them something. Today’s buyer/customer wants value that will help them make a decision and achieve an outcome.
  4. Competitors are more determined to win the deal and customer’s leverage that desire.
  5. Having a good quality product with a fair price is just the ticket to get in the door to have a conversation. Innovative solutions and quality products are no longer the main deciding factor in why customers buy. It is the sales rep and the value delivered.


In the Customer Has Changed Have You?

You will learn how to build trust faster and make it turn into lasting relationships

You will learn to identify the customer’s buying criteria and meet it thus winning more business

By learning the customer’s thinking processes using whole brain thinking, Chapter 12, you can shorten your sales cycle and increase your closing ratio. Some healthcare clients have seen a 27+% increase in sales using this process.

You will learn how to identify and adapt to your customer’s buying process and stage of the buying cycle thus reducing risk and closing deals faster.

Each chapter has stories, questions and exercises for practical application. You can download forms and use these for sales calls, role play and identifying your customer’s buying criteria.

So, if you are a business owner, a VP of Sales, or a sales reps, this book is for you.

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