Right Person – Right Seat Improving Engagement


My last blog I wrote on how to improve engagement by assessing your people based upon how well they fit the organization: Do they Get it? Do they Want it? and Do they have the Capacity to peform the job?

Here is a great blog by Jeff Whittle on explaining the cultural issue in more detail and the concept of aligning with cultural values. Culture is not what you want your company to have. Culture is what you actually have or do on a daily basis. Having your people aligned with your culture will automatically improve engagement.


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Right People, Right Seats by Jeff Whittle

When you have the right people in the right seats, you will have more productivity, less hassle and an more enjoyable place to work. This is hard to assess everyone and it will take time. Neglecting such an activity supports the status quo.

If you have a question about an employee or are hiring someone and want to discuss how to assess their values, call me. 205-862-  0560.

If you are looking for an EOS Implementer in the Southeast, I cannot more highly recommend Ken DeWitt. I brought Ken into several of my clients. The results of business transformation are substantial. You can reach Ken at ken.dewitt@dewittllc.com


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