Meeting Facilitator

Faster and Better Decisions, Better Communication, Better Thinking

Meetings Don’t Have to be Long, Boring and Ineffective.

No More Boring, Unproductive Meetings

Meetings tend to go long and are dominated by personalities. Many times a group engages in group think and misses the obvious.

Do you experience meetings where people jump from one subject to another? Are they now discussing how to solve the problem before the problem has been fully defined? Is everyone really engaged who needs to be engaged?

Are your people leaving a meeting with clear and concise goals, tasks and accountability?

Applying the Level 10 meeting tactics from the book Traction gets people focused, stops rabbit trails and drives decision and holds people accountable for action.

Implementing the Whole Brain ®Thinking process into the Level 10 meeting greatly simplifies and solidifies what the true issues are, the causes, who needs to be involved and the “how” of solving the issue.

I can facilitate your meetings or teach you these processes. Either way, your meetings will become more productive in less time.