Life, Leadership, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Are you living your life to your full potential?

Or, Are You Just Letting Life Dictate How You Live?

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Living life to the fullest requires personal leadership. Are you ready for the challenge? Personal leadership means that you have a growth mindset, that you are willing to address new challenges with a mindset where you see challenges as opportunities to grow, to develop yourself, and to become better.

Life Leadership requires you to make conscious decisions on what type of person you want to be, what type of attitude to have, what values and character traits to develop, and how you relate to others. Everyone wants happiness, success, a great marriage, good health, and great kids, but few are willing to work at becoming or achieving these.

Character, happiness, success are all developed through the process. They are not just an end result.

George Washington showed true character and leadership in risking it all to win the battle of Trenton on Christmas day in 1776. When he led his men across the Delaware, it was an all or nothing event. If he was unsuccessful, he would lose his army and the war would probably be over. His men followed him because of his leadership, not his success on the battlefield. George Washington had not won a battle up to that point! He had never won, but his men believed in him because of his leadership. Do you have that type of leadership? Washington had great character and integrity. Washington was always trying to get better and not make excuses for a poor performance. He learned from his mistakes and worked to improve.

In America, everyone claims the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but can one truly have liberty without exercising personal leadership?  The name of this book is to ask that fundamental question and motivate people to become life leaders.  The primary question asked is: “Are you leading in life or is life leading you?” If it is leading you, then you are going nowhere in particular and you are losing your liberty and the opportunity to pursue happiness.

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