Mindset, Character and Cultural Fit Trump Experience

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Flipping a Coin

Most hiring choices have a 50-50 chance of success unless you put a formal process in place. You might as well flip a coin.

I can help you in the hiring process. A 3rd party’s input can be a great validation or red flag to ensure you hire the best candidate.

When looking for a new sales rep, most hiring managers place the most emphasis on industry knowledge and sales experience. But, people are fired for having a fixed mindset, lack of character, and poor cultural fit.

I can assist you in the hiring process. The things I look for in a candidate are:

1) Do they have a growth mindset? Are they willing to look at themselves and say “I need to grow and develop myself in this area” or do they defend their attitudes and behaviors?  How have they demonstrated their mindset? TED Talk by Carol Dweck on a growth mindset

The Power of Belief – Mindset and Success

2) Does your candidate have the quality character traits of discipline, perseverance, kindness, patience and tough mindedness to work through difficult situations, hard losses and changing markets?

A personality profile can help with this. I typically use Hogan Assessments Personality Inventory or work with my clients in evaluating the one that they have used to assess the prospect.

3) Many rock stars can fail if they don’t match your company’s culture. Be aware that  your company’s culture can kill many a rock star sales rep.

Cultural Fit Determines Success

Two areas I look at when helping my clients interview and hire sales reps: 1) Does the company have a culture of helping their people grow through training, coaching and effective sales management and sales operations? If not, then they need to hire a lone ranger, one who can survive on their own and who needs little oversight.

2) If the company has developed a growth culture, will the sales rep fit into that culture? This relates to their mindset, fixed or growth oriented. Also, what does the company emphasize in their culture may or may not match what the candidate is looking for in terms of his or her motivation, values and cultural preferences. I like to use Hogan Assessments Motives Values Preferences Inventory assessment to see what the candidate values and what motivates him or her to determine a good fit.