Grow Your Business

Improve Revenue, Reduce Expenses, Minimize Risk

A Healthy Organization Grows and Outperforms Its Competitors.

Do your employees know the 3 key drivers of your business?

Do your sales reps focus on selling on price thus cutting your margin and shrinking profits? (click here for a video to learn how little price plays in a deal. The Customer’s Buying Criteria)

Do your managers coach on activity or coach for effectiveness?

Do you have high turnover thus driving up your HR costs?

Has everyone bought into your vision, mission and goals?

Getting your employees all on the same page addressing the key business issues of a) revenue, b) expenses and c) risk will improve your profits, grow your sales and develop a smoother running organization.

Developing your sales reps to add value at each step of the process and focus on the customer’s desired outcome will take the emphasis off price and improve your revenue. (Price is only 18% of the reason to buy while sales rep’s ability to add value is 39% of the buying decision!)

Hiring the right people and making sure they are in the right seat and have the right skills reduces stress, reduces turnover, reduces hard and soft expenses and creates a happier, more productive team. Do you know if you have the right people in the right positions?

Overall, a successful company has a team that buys in and works together to serve the customer. When the customer wins, you win!

Some recent results are:

– banking services company exceeding annual sales quota

– another banking services company achieving 17% sales growth in yr 1,  14% growth in yr 2

– physical therapy company increasing net revenue by 8% in 7 months and increasing referrals by 150%

-home health management team improving effectiveness, accomplishing operational goals, and company wide morale is improved

– a health care analytics firm improving their sales and marketing messages to align with their client’s thinking

– financial services firm immediately reporting more productive sales calls building value and trust

– industrial and safety supply company achieving record revenues above 15+% growth.