Grow Team’s Momentum

Better Attitude + Better Focus = Better Results

Is your team Operating at Its Full Potential?


What worked in the past won’t work for the future.

“In a world where knowledge doubles every year and skills have a half-life of 2.5 to 5 years, leaders need to constantly develop.”  Deloitte’s Global Human Capital 2014 trends survey

Are your leaders ready to face the challenges of the next 10 years? Are you developing new leaders to fill the slots of others?

According to the Deloitte study Leadership development is the #1 issue facing senior management today. This is not just leadership development for the business owner or senior executives, but the issue encompasses leadership at all levels. Again, quoting from the Deloitte research:

“Twenty-first century leadership is different. Companies face new leadership challenges, including developing Millennials and multiple generations of leaders, meeting the demand for leaders with global fluency and flexibility, building the ability to innovate and inspire others to perform, and acquiring new levels of understanding of rapidly changing technologies and new disciplines and fields.”

(A good overview of this study is an article by Gina Gorman The Urgent Need for Leadership Development)

Leadership development involves many areas. The areas where I help teams are:

  • getting all on the same page working toward common mission and goals
  • improved communication
  • improved decision making
  • more effective meetings in less time
  • accomplishing important goals, not just urgent issues
  • better hiring decisions
  • improved productivity
  • improved coaching or implementing a coaching process
  • improved attitudes

Effective leadership development begins at the top for as the CEO or business owner goes, so goes the rest of the organization. If developing your people is not your top priority then you are most likely working on short term goals. You also probably spend a major portion of your time fire fighting.

There are many options from 2 hour workshops on team communication and how to make meetings effective to in-depth 8-16 week leadership development processes.

Many clients engage through a coaching process where I meet with key team members on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.

My qualifications?

  • 31 years of business experience in many roles from sales to senior management.
  • I have written a book on personal leadership Life Leadership and the Pursuit of Happiness.
  • I have read 35 books on leadership in the past 7 years, many of them multiple times.
  • I am engaged with multiple clients and bring that experience to your company.
  • I am engaged in a continuous leadership development from roundtable membership and leadership workshops to a year long course on personal development and coaching.
  • Certified  and implemented the Herrmann Whole Brain Thinking process for 6 years.
  • Certified in Hogan Assessments for leadership development.
  • Developed multiple curricula for leadership training.
  • Led a men’s small group for 9 years.

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