You Gotta Get In The Game

Are Your People Just Coasting Through Their Job?

Or, Are They in the Game Actively Pursuing New Goals and Pursuing Excellence?

Billy Cox goals and dreams

In the Game or Sitting on the Bench?

You Gotta Get in the Game by Billy Cox is an excellent resource to get your team focused and growing in their business as well as personal life. This curriculum applies to any team from sales to operations to senior leaders. The principles apply to everyone in every position of your company.

“In the game of life there are no time outs, no overtimes. You only get one chance to play the game. The question you gotta ask yourself is, “At what level do I want to play – do I want to wait on the sidelines of life or do I want to win?”If you want to win, you gotta get in the game!” Billy Cox

Customized to Your Company and Your Goals

I develop a customized curriculum for your company utilizing You Gotta Get in the Game material. Billy Cox’s background is starting in sales and working to become CEO so many of the book’s examples are from those experiences. The material applies to any area of life and into any job function. I customize the application of the material to your company focusing on your issues and areas for success through homework and in class exercises. A large gas utility engaged this program starting with the sales team but then included managers, administrative support and customer service personnel totaling 64 people.  A home health company began with their 15 sales/marketing team and found the program so effective that it was then implemented with 15 managers and supervisors. The CEO, COO and CFO all participated and loved it!

Not Your Typical Training

I utilize a flipped classroom methodology where each participant reads and listens to the material on their own. The class sessions are where each participant shares what they learned, how they are applying it and obstacles they are facing. The process involves setting goals in business and personal areas, and changing attitudes and re-shaping a person’s thinking. Using the principles learned, we work on the top 3-5 business issues that were identified at the beginning of the course to achieve a very tangible Return On Investment.

The results:

  • attitudes changed from negative to positive
  • everyone working on solving the most critical issues
  • increased motivation
  • increased productivity in operations and sales
  • increased revenue
  • reduction of expenses
  • happier and healthier employees
  • improved marriages and family life
  • people going back to school to finish college
  • people getting promoted because of improved performance
  • improved communication within the organization and with customers
  • improved customer service
  • a more motivated and engaged sales force

 You Gotta Get in the Game!

Chapter 1 – You Gotta Get Off the Bench

Chapter 2 – You Gotta Have a Dream

Chapter 3 – You Gotta Think Like a Winner

Chapter 4 – You Gotta Get a Competitive Advantage

Chapter 5 – You Gotta Use the Power of Numbers

Chapter 6 – You Gotta Be Coachable

Chapter 7 – You Gotta Sell Yourself

Chapter 8 – You Gotta Raise the Bar

Chapter 9 – You Gotta Have a Team

Chapter 10 – You Gotta Be a Straight Shooter

Chapter 11 – You Gotta Stay In to Win

Chapter 12 – You Gotta Overcome Adversity

Why Not You?

The investment is on a per participant basis and ranges from $1475 to $2100 per person. I include 10-20 consulting/coaching hours in this process. The total process can range from 8-16 weeks depending on how you want to implement the process and your budget.