Converting Leads to Closed Deals

Jul released interesting data on the quality of leads and how fast they convert to deals. The data shows that leads coming from referrals have the shortest sales cycle and the highest percentage to close. Social media referrals/leads came in 2nd. Surprisingly, leads coming from tradeshow events and marketing and advertising were low on the scale in terms of converting to actual clients.
The reason being a referral and social media work so well is that the relationship begins on Trust. A cold call, website, or even tradeshow lead does not begin on Trust. Trust must first be established before the customer is willing to truly engage.


Trust is transfered when it is referred in person or even by information on social media. Buyers want to begin a relationship on trust, not based upon their need and how your offering can solve their need. A sales rep must demonstrate trust first before he earns the right to uncover the needs and problems of the prospective client. Here is a link on ways to build trust.

Applying the 7 Rules of the Customer

If you apply the 7 rules of the customer you will continually build trust, get referrals and close deals faster. The social media about you and your company will be positive.

To have a discussion on how well your company follows the 7 Rules of the Customer and what you can do to change, shoot me an email or call 205   862    0560


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