Having Another Opinion Can Be a Game Changer.

Bringing a Wide Breadth of Business Knowledge to Improve Profitability

Fulfilling Multiple Roles

Most small to mid-sized business owners/Sr. Executives have to fulfill multiple rolls such as COO and VP of Sales.  A VP of Sales may also have the role as key producer which adds it owns challenges of balance. You may be in this position facing the challenges of having an accurate forecast, managing 5-10 sales reps, and having to figure out the back office side of sales, i.e. sales operations, while doing your other “job requirements”.

I work with Sr. Executives and business owners to help bring a big picture perspective to the sales function and then drill down to tactical issues to determine where you can improve sales effectiveness.

I also work in helping align internal leadership with a customer-centric approach. This involves getting senior leadership and managers involved in leadership development that encompasses business and personal growth.

Getting a Sales Health Check-up

Consulting typically involves conducting a 1-3 day “sales physical” where I interview your senior managers, customer support, and sales team. The sales physical may actually involve going in the field with sales reps to observe their selling behavior. The results of this sales physical are detailed recommendations to improve sales performance. These recommendations may include recommendations for a CRM, hiring new or additional sales reps, making staffing changes, and sales training to even re-structuring the sales organization.

Many of my clients use me as their outsourced “VP of Sales” or “Chief Sales Officer” and I participate in senior management meetings, coach sales managers, and am involved in hiring decisions.

Having a diverse background of several industries, owning my own business, and having clients in multiple industries, gives me a perspective that few people have. I bring these diverse perspective to your company to look at ways to bring innovation and best practices into your sales efforts.

Consulting can be done on a project basis such as the sales physical which typically runs $2000 -$3000 or by the hour. I have a minimum engagement of 5 hours per month. Some of my clients have me on a 6 month retainer where I am part of the management team and work with their sales teams 1-2 times per month acting as a sales trainer or sales manager.