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What To Do With BLM?

What to do with BLM? What is your response to Black Lives Matter? Many people have different feelings, opinions, and responses. Do you totally reject it because you see the BLM organization as an anti-American organization that does not support traditional family or American values? Do you ignore the organization and but believe in the …


3 Steps to Change Behavior

Changing Behavior – 3 Steps We all have wanted to add a new habit, break an old habit, get into shape, learn a new language, get organized, etc. The list could go on forever of the things we would like to learn or do that would benefit our lives. The real problem is “How do …


Building Relationship with Trust

Building Relationships with Trust Have you ever wanted to help someone who is in a predicament, but whatever you tried did not work? Did they even get mad at you? Have you had a prospect who has a serious problem not want to talk with you? Have you ever seen a person or organization try …


Attitude and Priorities – Enjoy Life More

Attitude and Priorities Have you ever heard someone say “I just have too much to do; I am overwhelmed.”? They complain about how hard life is or have a negative attitude. One of the reasons people get overwhelmed which can lead to a negative or downtrodden attitude is that they have not established any clear …


How to Ask For Referrals and Get Them

Every sales manager would love to have a Joe Girard on his/her sales team. Girard is the greatest salesperson ever to have walked a car dealership’s lot.  During his illustrious 15-year career, he sold more than 13,000 automobiles.  His records include selling 18 in one day, 174 in one month, and a whopping 1,425 in …


The First Step to Achieving Your Goals for the New Year

This blog combines two articles I wrote a few years ago on If you would like to read the original source materials and the faith-based wisdom that accompanies them, you can get them here and here. The start of a new year is a time when we naturally reflect on the past year and consider …


What To Do When Your Sales Reps Have Time-Management Issues

I regularly hear from sales managers who want to know how to help their reps with time management to increase their sales results.  They see their reps wasting time and assume that if they managed their time better, they would close more deals. In reality, time management is not actually the root of the problem.  …


How To Engage Your Customer’s Imagination To Win Sales

In the book, Resolved: 13 Resolutions for Life, author Orrin Woodward explains that the brain engages about 2 million neurons when discussing something, but engages 400 million neurons when imagining something.  Furthermore, when a person imagines something, the brain sees what it imagines as reality.  You can bet the farm this will increase the odds …


The Most Critical Sales Skill And How To Develop It

I talk and write a lot about ways to increase value to the customer during the sales process.  One of the most critical ways to do this is also one of the most overlooked ways:  being a good listener.  Developing good listening skills is key to winning sales. Being a good listener is essential to …


2 Keys To Getting Maximum ROI From Your Training Budget

I work with a variety of Birmingham, Atlanta, and Chicago organizations in various fields, from healthcare to restaurant equipment. Over the years, I’ve seen many companies achieve sales growth that far exceeded their goals after investing in training. – One healthcare client achieved a 33% increase in referrals, the life-blood of their business, in just …

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