1 Way to Move You Closer to Your Big Sales Goals

You’ve just finished your team’s big sales training. You brought all the bells and the whistles. You handed out shiny folders of full-color pages of information and utilized a flashy presentation. Now you’re waiting to see the “aha” moment make its appearance – when everything that you have so painstakingly presented comes together and launches …


Being Right vs. Building the Right Relationship – Improving employee engagement

As a boss, is being right your first priority? Does being right improve employee engagement?   Being Right vs  Building the Right Relationship  I took my daughter target shooting and witnessed an interesting scenario that we have reflected on multiple times. A young man shot a signal flare from a flare gun at the 100 …


Are Your People Really Engaged?

Are your people really engaged? A common complaint among business owners is that they feel that not all their employees are fully engaged, in other words, the employee is not giving their best. With sales reps, I hear managers and owners complain that a rep is coasting. The rep has made their quota or their …


Sales Issues – Reducing Business Risk

Understanding Key Business Risk issues As a sales rep, you should be well versed in general business issues. Understanding risk issues from a business owner’s perspective enables you to talk at a much higher level about the impact of your product or solution on the business versus just talking features and benefits. To understand risk …


Managing Risk – the main driver in sales

Revenue, Expenses and Risk In all business purchases, there are 3 main business drivers that business owners and managers have as their core. The last 2 blogs I dealt with revenue and expenses. This one is on risk. There are two types of risk – general business risk and risk in the buying decision. General …


Selling to Core Issues – Controlling or Reducing Expenses

In sales, you must understand what the core drivers are for a business owner when he or she is making a business decision, especially about buying your product or service. In the business owner’s mind, they are relating everything they evaluate to three key core business drivers: revenue, expenses and risk. They are asking these …


Converting Leads to Closed Deals released interesting data on the quality of leads and how fast they convert to deals. The data shows that leads coming from referrals have the shortest sales cycle and the highest percentage to close. Social media referrals/leads came in 2nd. Surprisingly, leads coming from tradeshow events and marketing and advertising were low on the …