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Effectiveness comes from Passion, Discipline and Process

I want to help you and your company grow!

With 31 years of sales and leadership experience and drawing from my varied business experiences and lots and lots of training I developed a methodology to help my clients apply what I have learned in the areas of sales, business leadership and personal growth.

In 2010, after selling my business during really difficult economic times, I was looking for my next opportunity. No one was hiring because the economy was in the tank. I received a call from an old client when I was in the IT industry. It was the local natural gas utility, Alagasco. My client, Brunson White, had been promoted to Sr. Vice President of Marketing  and was charged with increasing sales and making the company a sales centric organization. Brunson contacted me saying that I was the best sales rep that had ever called on him and he wanted to  know if I could help evaluate his organization from a sales competency perspective.

I spent a week at Alagasco evaluating his sales team. A week’s engagement lead to 9 months of full time consulting at Alagasco developing customized training on leadership and sales skills and coaching sales reps and managers.  This process included helping to develop the new customer focus from a sales operations perspective. Thus my career in consulting and training was born.

“Bill is the consummate sales professional and is the best, most effective sales trainer that I have met. If you need to transform your sales or marketing organization, he is the person you need.”

Brunson White Sr. Vice President Marketing, Alabama Gas Corporation

I specialize in helping companies grow revenue through leadership development and improving the buyer/seller relationship, i.e. aligning your sales strategy and tactics with how customers buy.

According to one of my clients,

“Bill starts with the big picture of a company and drills down to the facts that matter the most when it comes to sales and customer satisfaction”.

I look at your company from the customer’s perspective. My process is based upon the behavioral science of the way people learn, interact and apply information. This applies to how leaders lead, managers manage and how sales people sell. The key is understanding what your customer wants and will pay for (i.e. what and how they buy). When you align your sales strategy with the 7 rules of buyer behavior and implement a value based sales process, your results will be: a shortened sales cycle, increased margins, loyal customers, happier and more productive sales reps, and a measurable ROI.

Twenty-nine years of sales and leadership experience in varying roles includes: being an entrepreneur in the IT and medical fields, VP of Sales in the medical field, and working with numerous companies across many industries thus enabling me to address sales and operational issues from many perspectives.

I write curriculum and teach classes on sales, leadership, personal development, parenting and marriage. I am a certified practitioner of the Herrmann Whole Brain Thinking process and am certified in Hogan Personality Assessments.

I graduated from Auburn University with a B.S. degree in Management and earned an MBA from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

I authored a personal leadership book called  Life, Leadership and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Having a  passion for the outdoors is expressed via mountain biking, road biking, running, whitewater kayaking, and fly fishing.

I celebrate 26 years of marriage and have 2 grown daughters.

Some recent results are:

– medical services organization improved leadership cohesion and productivity.

– banking services company exceeding annual sales quota.

– another banking services company achieving 17% sales growth, 14% growth yr 2.

– physical therapy company increasing net revenue by 8% in 7 months and increasing referrals by 150%.

– financial services firm immediately reporting more productive sales calls building value and trust.

– industrial and safety supply company achieving record revenues above 15+% growth.

– home health services company seeing immediate results in sales efforts with a 33% increase in census in 8 months going from 750 to 1000.

– home health management team working as a cohesive team, meeting effectiveness improved, overall company morale improved, achieving operational goals in a timely manner.