The Customer Has Changed, Have You ?

The Customer Has Changed, Have You?

How to sell the the 21st Century Buyer

A Book Based On Customer Aligned Selling™ Curriculum

According to a 2015 survey, 82% of sellers are out of sync with their customers. Twentieth century sales tactics no longer work.

The 21st century buyer is now empowered and engages the seller much later in the buying process. The playing field of sales has forever changed. The Customer demands more. How much value added is the #1 decision criteria.

This book gives you understanding and specific steps on how to effectively sell in the 21st century. It not only addresses sales tactics for sales reps, but also deals with business owners and sales leaders issues in terms of strategy, tactics, methodology, training, coaching and even forecasting.

The process of selling is a beauty contest, not a race. Unfortunately, the majority sales reps and sales leaders focus on their goals, their quota and making the numbers in the forecasted time frame, thus creating the sense of a race. This race approach is very seller centric, not customer centric. According to a recent study, 82% of sellers are out of sync with their customers.

Think about a beauty contest. The contestants are not in a rush. They focus on each stage of the contest and give it their best effort. They take their time and focus on the judges, not their desires. The ones who wins the contest focused not only on the rules, but intently on the judges. The best contestants even research if the judges have judged other contests and how they judged, i.e. who won and why.

This book was written to give an overview of how companies and individuals buy in the 21st Century, and what it takes to be an effective sales organization, and an effective solution provider.  My goal is to give sales leaders a description of what Customer Aligned Selling™ is, and where to begin implementing the transformation within your organization or your personal selling practices. This book is a compilation of the best practices gleaned from research, training companies, sales books, psychology and the science of the brain; combined with 32 years of sales experience.

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