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Get In The Game

You gotta change a belief before a person can change a behavior. You Gotta Get in the Game is a powerful methodology of helping people change their beliefs into a more powerful and positive outlook on life thus affecting work, health, relationships and mental happiness. With belief change, comes action change and results positively impacting your company’s success. Begin the transformation of your company today.

Whole Brain® Thinking

Diversity in thinking delivers better results. Develop your team to use their brains more effectively!

We all think differently. Understanding how a person prefers to think, make decisions and communicate can be a game changer. Being able to adapt to that preference has shown to improve communication, shorten meetings, improve decisions, shorten sales cycles and overall deliver better results for your company and your clients. Take a brain survey to see how you prefer to think. See if your team is limited because of group think.

Customer Aligned Selling

A Sales Process that is customized to fit you.

Selling is really a beauty contest, not a race. Your prospect or customer is the judge. Do your sales reps actually know the judge’s true buying criteria and  how they will judge which offering is best?

In the 21st Century, a sales rep’s ability to add value comprises 39% of the customer’s decision to buy while price is only 18% of their decision. Product and quality are pretty much equal. Unless taught to sell on value, your sales reps will sell on price. Which sales strategy do you want?


  • General Business Assessment
  • Sales Physical
  • Sales Strategy and Tactics
  • Sales Management
  • Training
  • Leadership development
  • Communication issues
  • Virtual Sales manager
  • In the field coaching of managers and sales reps

Many companies need help in multiple areas of sales and they need ongoing support to implement processes and train people. The first process is to assess your company through a “sales physical” much like a physician gives you a health check up. From that “sales physical” a plan is developed that is customized to your company. The plan generally addresses hiring, compensation, leadership, sales strategy and tactics, sales management and sales training.

Life, Leadership, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Living life to the fullest requires personal leadership!

It requires you to make conscious decisions on what type of person you want to be, what type of attitude to have, what values and character traits to develop and how you relate to others. Everyone wants happiness, success, a great marriage, good health, great kids, but few are willing to work at becoming or achieving these.

Character, happiness, success are all developed through the process. They are not just an end result.

The Customer Has Changed, Have You?
How to sell to the 21st century buyer

According to a 2015 survey, 82% of sellers are out of sync with their customers. Twentieth century sales tactics no longer work

The 21st century buyer is now empowered and engages the seller much later in the buying process. The playing field of sales has forever changed. The Customer demands more. How much value added is the #1 decision criteria.

This book gives you understanding and specific steps on how to effectively sell in the 21st century. It not only addresses sa les tactics for sales reps, but also deals with business owners and sales leaders issues in terms of strategy, tactics, methodology, training, coaching and even forecasting.

With this book you will learn how to slow down and achieve greater sales with higher margins.